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Six Months FREE

Promotion Code: 2018-08120000

Published SRP

Terms & Conditions

This promotion ending 28 Feb 2019

Applies to NEW ACCOUNTS (include lapsed accounts) purchasing Base, Crossgrade or Public corporate license

Apply to 1 year license

 Promotion applies to Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business Packages

The standard SEAL Team's discount shall still apply

This promotion does not apply to quote (s) with Special Price SRP, i.e., not published SRP

It is an exclusive promotion(s) offered by Byteworks International Pte Ltd, unless otherwise stated

For this offer, there is no "account protection", i.e., there shall be no incumbent SEAL Team for any NEW ACCOUNTS

All orders MUST BE PLACED ONLINE, with the promotion code clearly indicated, to qualify for this promotion

Byteworks International Pte Ltd reserves the right to end this promotion without prior notice to any SEAL Team or 3rd parties. It shall not be held liable for any loss, whatsoever, incurred by any SEAL Team as a result of such action